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Best Affiliate Programs: 5 High-Performance, Tested and Trusted Picks

Affiliate marketing, against all other schools of thought, is not dead. Many are still raking in the high thousands and millions from this industry.

However, there is a catch:
Few starters know which are the best affiliate programs to pursue.

If you are like the many frustrated affiliate marketers, who believe the industry might indeed be dead. Or if you are starting your business, we have curated some of the best affiliate marketing programs out there for you below.

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#1 Amazon Associates

Besides the fact that this is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs out there, it also scores bonus points for paying out some of the fairest percentages in the game. To us, the best thing about Amazon Associates is that you have tons of different product categories from which to pick. That ensures you can make money from your niche in more ways than one.

All you have to do is send in the leads, and Amazon does the rest for you.

#2 eBay Partner Network

If there is any other e-commerce platform, that has the same reputation and the reach, that Amazon has garnered for itself, with a slew of products to boot; then it has to be eBay. That instantly makes the eBay Partner Network a no-brainer for anyone looking to make some severe income in this industry.

Make money with eBay Partner Network. #2 of the best affiliate programs

#3 HubSpot

Partner With HubSpot
#3 of the best affiliate programs

We would not recommend HubSpot for a beginner in the market, but it is undoubtedly an excellent place to cut your teeth if you are starting with the sales of high-ticket items.

What we love most about the affiliate program at HubSpot is how they embrace a flat-rate model, helping affiliates know precisely how much they will be getting on every sale they help the company make.

HubSpot will be an excellent choice for affiliates who have experience marketing B2B products – and we can assure that the returns (which is usually in the thousands of dollars) are worth every effort you throw at it.

#4 Aweber

Being the choice autoresponder and email marketing management platform for more than one million businesses already, this is a service that already speaks for itself. All you have to do is drive potential customers to see what they can benefit from the platform and earn 30% on every purchase they make.

Among the others in this list, Aweber stands out in how it keeps cookies on your referral’s browsers for up to a year. That guarantees you a commission on all products purchased by such a customer within that year.

#5 ShareASale

ShareASale Partner
#5 of the best affiliate programs

Another beginner-friendly platform is ShareASale, and there is a high chance you have heard about it sometimes in the past already. After all, they have been up and running for no less than two decades now – so trust and performance is not something you have to worry about here.

Beginners will love this program due to the ease of sign up, intuitive user interface and support for multiple websites on the same affiliate network. In short, it is the affiliate program set up to ensure every beginner has a chance at the market.

Final Words

We compiled our list of the best affiliate programs with user-friendliness, ease of use, fantastic performance over time and a good return on your investment (time and money) in mind. Why not give one, or multiples of these picks, a try today?

When will you start your affiliate marketing venture?

Do you want to learn all about affiliate marketing?

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8 replies
  1. Lilian Snow
    Lilian Snow says:

    Hmm. Share-a-sale looks like what I can give a try. Amazon has a trial period and when I had an account, I wasn’t able to complete three sales before it ended so the account was closed. I don’t think if it is really beginner-friendly unless you are all out to drive sales fast and your blog or social accounts can gather good leads. I’ll give share-a-sale a chance now since the affiliate program is set up to ensure every beginner has a chance at the market. Hopefully, there’s no trial period too.

  2. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    Affiliate marketing is definitely not dead – I have made lots of money from it and I still do to date. And a lot of people are still raking in the high thousands and millions from this industry too. All you need is just to know which are the best affiliate programs to pursue that will pay you better and won’t cause you much stress.

  3. Smith Oliver
    Smith Oliver says:

    HubSpot is a good program and I recommend it. Not just that they embrace a flat-rate model which help affiliates know just how much they will be getting on each sale. It also gives you a good suggestion of products you can take up, understand better and make a niche. It’s very friendly to marketers of every level so you are sure that you will get good ground to stand even as a total novice. A simple tip I’ll give you is that you shouldn’t throw your hands into all the product categories as a new affiliate marketer so your audience don’t get confused and leave you without a sale. Start with one and when you are getting better at that, add related products to it and grow them gradually.

  4. Francisca
    Francisca says:

    Oh my! Aweber keeps cookies on your referral’s browsers for up to a year? Wow! That’s interesting. It sure guarantees a commission on all products purchased by such a customer within that year which will definitely be a lot as they are bound to purchase one thing or more from the platform. I’ve an affiliate account with them but never took it seriously. I guess this is the time to get back to it.

  5. Pearl
    Pearl says:

    Amazon program is good as they pay out the fairest percentages. I can remember receiving like $6.50 as commission paid into my account. It’s exciting and encouraging especially to beginners who may not be able to meet thresholds placed by some program before cashout. They have got a great product collection too so you are sure to see something you can turn into an idea and start selling.


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