How to build an email marketing list as quickly as possible

Building an email list is a crucial step in marketing your business. HubSpot says that you will get 38 times more money than what you have spent. In other words, if you spend $10 in email marketing, you will get roughly $380 in profit. That is a considerable amount when you see other marketing channels. Therefore, it is essential to build an email list. Here are some ways you can use to learn how to build an email marketing list as quickly as possible.

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#1 Content, Content and More content

The first and the best way to build an email list is by providing valuable content to your readers. Remember, quality is far more critical than quantity. Therefore, make sure you are covering the topic in-depth, and your users are getting the value from your content. If they like your content, they will automatically enter their email address and subscribe to your blog.

#2 Host a Giveaway or provide a Discount

Have you seen those websites where you will get a free eBook if you subscribe to their email list? You can do the same. You can provide either a freebie or you can offer a considerable discount for the people who subscribe. Ask them to join your email list, and they will get a 10 or 20% discount coupon code in their email address. You can surely use some automation tool that will generate and send the coupon code.

#3 Popups and widgets

Do you know why you are not getting the email subscribers? Because you are not clearly asking for it. Some of the users might not see the side widget where the form is displayed. The better way is to create a pop-over form requesting the user to subscribe. I know pop-ups and pop-overs are not perceived as very likeable, but research has proven that they really work. Please note that you should make sure the text of the pop-over as well as the colour combination is appealing.

You can also add a static widget below each post encouraging your users to subscribe to your updates.

#4 Emphasize Popularity

There are many ways you can use social media in building your email list. You can combine all the subscribers from your Facebook page, Instagram account, as well as blogs and show them as a whole. In other words, if you have 1k followers on Fb and 500 email subscribers, you can show that you have 1.5k followers base on your website. People are more likely to subscribe you due to large followers base. Hence, this is one way of How to build an email marketing list as quickly as possible.

#5 Social Sharing in email

You can add social sharing icons below the email you send. A survey shows that inserting social media icons or share button inside your email will double the conversion rate. Add some exciting line to encourage users to share your post. That is one of the best methods on how to build an email marketing list as quickly as possible.

#6 Focus on mobile users

Even though about 70% of traffic is from mobile devices; most people are not targeting mobile users. Make sure your popups and other list building strategies are compatible with mobile devices. You can remove popups if there are issues with the responsiveness of your website. Alternatively, you can ask for an email address using static widgets at the bottom.

The bottom line

Those are some of the techniques you can use to build an email marketing list as quickly as possible. Make sure you follow all of them for the best results.

When will you start building your list?

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