This movie made an impact on me, not only because it mirrors, everything that we learn and teach through the SFM, but also from having enormous respect for the man that is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He was born in a mediocre family in Austria, right after World War II. Life was not easy in a country that had just lost the war. Many years later, he managed to become a Governor of California. He is living proof that anyone can become whatever they want if they are willing to put in the effort.

Have a look at this video. Below I will list what was said, and I will mix it up with some of the things I have learned over the years. So it will be a mix of transcription and my own opinions. The original reference is in the clip.

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Have a vision

If you have no vision or goal, you are just drifting without getting anywhere. That leads to shocking statistics, 75% of people in the USA are in jobs they don’t like. Don’t go for handouts, but shoot for gold and don’t settle for less.

Visualising your goals and going after them, makes it fun. If you know, exactly who you want to be, you can eliminate all distractions. You will be able to know which choices will get you where you want to go and which options to discard.

Having a perfect vision of what you want is pure motivation. If you repeat it every day up to the point where you can close your eyes and see, taste and smell your goals, you will be motivated on both a conscience and sub-conscience level. It will reveal opportunities that you would have missed if you hadn’t trained your mind to focus on your goals.

You have to have a purpose no matter what.

Don’t listen to the nay-sayers

Everything is always impossible until someone does it.

Nelson Mandela

If we always listen to the nay-sayers, world records would never be broken. The Wright brothers would never have invented the aeroplane. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay would never have climbed the Mount Everest.

If someone tells you that something can’t be done, use it as an incentive to prove him wrong. Have the mentality of a champion or a leader and don’t let anyone dictate what you can or can’t do.

Work your ass off

Work hard to get where you want to be. Operate with a plan and work with consistency. Don’t procrastinate but treat time as the most fleeting resource that you have. It is the single most valuable resource that exists. Organise your day around your focus.

There is no such thing as freebies in life. Never stop dreaming but remember that no dream becomes a reality unless you work towards it. Don’t think riches are just going to fall into your lap! Don’t believe, even for a moment, any of those get rich fast schemes you see on the internet!

Sure, some people got lucky; won the lottery, or invested in BitCoin at just the right moment, but don’t let your success depend on luck. If you work hard to get what you want with the right focus and a good vision, luck and fortune will be in your wake.

Work like hell and advertise.

Ted Turner

Work toward your goal, mark-off each victorious step and announce it to the world! Take pride in your accomplishments and build a name for yourself. You are the authority of you accomplishments.

Don’t be afraid to fail

You don’t need a plan B, work until plan A succeeds. Plan B is a safety net that acts like a reason to procrastinate and take fewer risks. It is ok to fail, get up and try again. Don’t be a loser. Winners fail and get up, fail and get up, fail and get up. Fear will freeze you, don’t be afraid and go all out.

Don’t give up on the vision of who you want to become. If something goes wrong, don’t switch to the new shiny thing in your peripheral. Don’t go and change your purpose until you have reached it! Try again, adjust your method, see what works better, but never ever change your destination.

Give back

Giving back is so very important. The community needs leaders. Leaders offer guidance, bring solutions and receive respect. Be a teacher and a mentor, by teaching what you know you create authority, and you will attract more people that look to you for advice.

If you treat people with respect and your only incentive is to provide genuine help without ulterior motives, you will gain loyal followers that will trust you and that will stay with you for life.

Live in service to others. Always find time to help, to share your knowledge, to teach, to support. That is your path to real success.

How will you begin your journey toward success?

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